Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Govalle Elementary, Visit #2

I had so much fun metal detecting at Govalle Elementary, I just had to go back.

Click here to see the previous post about my first metal detecting visit to Govalle Elementary.

This is the playground that I would be focusing most of my detecting efforts on for visit #2.

And here is episode #2 of my video blog, Don't Stop Digging! It contains all details of this hunt:

Here are all of coin my finds:

$4.77 total for the day! I'll take it!

And here is a really beautiful sterling silver ring that I found in the playground:

You can see the "925" stamp in this image:

I am very happy with my second visit to Govalle Elementary. I will definately be going back in the near future. I may not be pulling silver coins, but I am perfectly happy digging silver jewelry!

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I am really trying to do something different with my videos. While you may find tons of metal detecting videos on YouTube, you won't find very many that are meant to be "webisodes". I hope you enjoy both the metal detecting aspect and my humor as much as I have enjoyed making the episodes. And they should get better as I go. I think #2 is already much better than #1.

Thanks again!

Happy Hunting!

And don't stop digging!


  1. Already pimping out your fiancee for YouTube karma? Nicely done!

    1. If she doesn't want to be in my videos she shouldn't try to come talk to me while I'm recording them!

      Also I'll take all the YouTube karma I can get. :)

  2. Ha ha ha! Well, it's conceivable you will eventually find enough stuff to pay for your wedding, that is, if you quit spending it on gum.

    Great video.