Saturday, February 4, 2012

My first jewelry find!

Even though it rained all last night, I decided to get out of the house for a quick two hour metal detecting hunt this morning.

I couldn't wait to share this with you - my first jewelry find!

This is a James Avery sterling silver ring. The hallmark and STER can be seen here:

I believe I have found the same ring on their website. Follow the link below:

James Avery Wide Crosslet Ring

$86.00 brand new! What a score! This one is definitely in used condition, so it won't be worth as much. is currently shipping me this gram scale, so I will weigh the ring to see if the melt value of the silver exceeds the average eBay selling price for this ring in used condition.

Either way, very happy with my find!

Thanks to my co-worker Jay and wife Carrie for recommending the location! I've only metal detected a very small area of the dirt there, but it seems like good dirt!

The full details of the hunt and finds will be shared in an upcoming post... I'm going to head back tomorrow morning! (RG EDIT 2/5/2011: TOO MUCH RAIN, WILL RETURN WHEN DRIER)

Don't stop digging!


  1. Congratulation on a nice ring! Good luck with your next hunt.

  2. Very Very Cool.

    I've stumbled across 4 rings BUT... I'd gladly trade all of them for one made out of a PM.


    I know this is going to sound super cheap... but it works for me... you can make your own scale out of a couple of pencils, a couple of pieces of cardboard, and a little glue. If you can get one pencil that is cylender shaped and one that's hexagon shaped so much the better.

    use the cardboard to make two cups or pans. you'll place the unknown object in one of these once you're done. glue a pan on either end of the hexagon shaped pencil.

    Balance the hexagon pencil (with pans)on the cylender shaped pencil (like a see saw).

    Place your unknown object in one pan. Use objects of known masses in the other pan.

    Common object masses:
    pre 1982 memorial cent = 3.1 grams
    post 1982 memorial cent = 2.5 grams
    non silver Jeffersons = 5 grams
    post 64 Kennedy Half = 11.3 grams

    Can give you a rough idea of what you're looking at.

  3. That's a great idea, Jetshack. My digital scale is already on the way, though. :)