Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Lee Elementary, Visit #1

So the desire to find silver has driven me to try older schools further away from my own neighborhood. My next visit took me to Robert E. Lee Elementary.

Lee Elementary was built in the 1930s but has had many additions since then. There is a field that has been practically untouched by construction, but my lack of finding anything there leads me to believe the back of the school had been hit by metal detectors in the past. Lucky for me, the front of the school hadn't been detected lately.

Here is episode #3 of my video blog, which covers my time at Lee Elementary:

Unfortunately, I am still skunked on silver coins. Here are my clad totals:

I am very happy with that dollar amount. I was really surprised I pulled 83 pennies; I was picking them out of that gravel so fast they all kind of blurred together.

Thanks for reading and watching!

Don't Stop Digging!

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  1. Nice haul! Always fun diggin quarters :)